DeSean Jackson – Press Conference – Pancreatic Cancer Awareness

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 24, 2015

Contact Name: Gayle Jackson, President
Organization: The DeSean Jackson Foundation

Ashburn, VA:  DeSean Jackson, CEO, of the DeSean Jackson Foundation, has scheduled a press conference, to make a public statement regarding November being National Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month. The press conference will be held at the Washington Redskins’ facility, 21300 Redskins Park Drive, Ashburn, VA 20147, at 1:15 p.m.  Media is invited.

DeSean Jackson Foundation

DeSean Jackson Foundation


DeSean Jackson and his mother, Gayle Jackson, founded the DeSean Jackson Foundation, in 2010, after William Jackson, DeSean’s father, died from Pancreatic Cancer approximately 5 months after being diagnosed. The primary focus of the DeSean Jackson Foundation is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness .

Jackson states that we must be “One Team, with One Purpose”–a strategic game plan– in this crucial battle against Pancreatic Cancer. According to the American Cancer Society (2014), of the 46,420 diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer, over 39,590 will die; the survival rate has not increased significantly over the past 20 years; and, 51 % of those afflicted with Pancreatic Cancer will be African-American. We need to work together to win this war!

Pancreatic Cancer facts:
• Pancreatic cancer is detected the majority of the time when the patient is already stage IV and start to have symptoms.
• There is no early detection test for pancreatic cancer. As far as funding for research, it has been the least funded cancer out there and is very resistant to treatment.
• Pancreatic cancer is currently the fourth leading cause of cancer death in the United States, and is anticipated to become the second by 2020.
• Pancreatic cancer is one of the nation’s deadliest cancers with a five-year relative survival rate of just 6 percent. An estimated 72 percent of patients will die in the first year of diagnosis.
• It is estimated that in 2015, 48,960 Americans will be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and 40,560 will die from the disease. Seventy-two percent of patients will die within the first year of diagnosis.
• Pancreatic cancer is the only major cancer with a 5-year relative survival rate in the single digits, at just 7 percent.
• While surgery offers the best chance for survival, fewer than 20 percent of pancreatic cancer cases are diagnosed early enough for surgical intervention. Even with surgery, the disease recurs in approximately 80 percent of these patients, who die within 5 years of recurrence.
Source: Pancreatic Cancer Action Network

Media Credentials and Public Relations: Washington Redskins Corporate Communications: Alexia Grevious, 703/726-7077; Washington Redskins Community Affairs: Allie Pischring


DeSean Jackson and his mother, Gayle Jackson, are the co-founders, of the DeSean Jackson Foundation, a public charity, that initially was founded under the Philadelphia Fund as a trust in memory of William Jackson, DeSean’s father, who died from Pancreatic Cancer in 2009, to raise funds for Pancreatic Cancer research. In 2010, the Jacksons restructured their fund to meet a crucial gap in eradicating Pancreatic Cancer (Pancreatic Cancer Awareness and Advocacy); thus, the DeSean Jackson Foundation was incorporated as a 501 (c) (3), public charity that focuses on Pancreatic Cancer Awareness and expanded programs and services for the greater good.  For more information about the DeSean Jackson Foundation, please visit:

##DeSean and Bill


R.I.P. – Poppa Jack


5 thoughts on “DeSean Jackson – Press Conference – Pancreatic Cancer Awareness”

  1. As a Dad going through Pancreatic Cancer myself, thoroughly enjoyed this article. Just watched the story about your Dad on Sportcenter. What a wonderful tribute!!


    • Please continue your great work to eradicate this horrible disease. I am the end of my journey. I  have fought this disease with everything that I had to fight with. Yesterday Hospice asked my wife to be with me 24/7. I have spread the word about this disease, helping several families along the way please try to get them to make this new drug proven to kill pancreatic cancer available now. I would be a guinea pig. I have weeks to live at the most and would try this in a heartbeat. I will do anything I can to help you, just let me know.  Let me know ASAP as time is of the essence. Sincerely, Greg Owens


  2. Mr. Owens. Your message has touched our hearts beyond words. Please provide me with your contact information as soon as possible, in strict confidence, via our personal e-mail, I will personally respond immediately. Love & Prayers. – Gayle Jackson, DeSean’s mother.


  3. Stephen Gardner said:

    While we have not met, your father and my mother (Joyceann) were cousins. Through the family interactions I knew your father growing up and have tremendously fond memories of him. As the years passed and he moved west, the family ties loosen and folks lose contact. Your uncle Jackie let me know of your father’s passing shortly after it happened and I just wanted to share my support, thoughts, and prayers for the difference you are trying to make. Be well.

    Stephen “Pepper” Gardner


  4. Congratulations on your show. Hope to see a second season of “DeSean Jackson Home Team”. I have never been a football fan until I watched your show. I did a little research and watched some of your footage. I’m now a HUGE fan. Chicago Bears is my home team but I’m rocking Redskins #11 jersey. Have a great season and may god bless your son to be healthy and just like his daddy. Love you and your family. Lisa


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