When We All Vote: Join Our Voting Rights Call


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DeSean William Jackson

DeSean William Jackson

This Thursday, August 6th, is the 55th anniversary of the passage of the Voting Rights Act (VRA) of 1965, which protected people of color from laws that created barriers to voting.

Civil rights leaders like Rep. John Lewis were critical to passing the Voting Rights Act after marching 50 miles from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama to demand an end to voter discrimination against Black people. In 2013, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the heart of the VRA resulting in states reverting to discriminatory practices restrictive to the voting rights of people of color.

On August 6th, to honor the anniversary of the 1965 Voting Rights Act, the life and legacy of Rep. John Lewis, and the work ahead to make sure every eligible voter has equal access to the ballot box, we are hosting a Voting Rights Action Call at 8pm ET.

Join our Voting Rights Action Call this Thursday, August 6th at 8 pm ET/ 5pm PT. Until everyone can make their voice heard in every election, our work goes on. RSVP today and let us know you’ll be there! 

Voting Rights Action Call, Thursday, August 6th at 8pm ET/ 5pm PT; featuring voting rights experts from the Brennan Center and the Lawyer's Committee for Civil Rights

Our partners at the Brennan Center for Justice and the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights will join us to discuss the critical work they’re doing to combat voter suppression and protect the voting rights of Americans in every election. We’ll also discuss the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act and highlight resources and ways that you can take action to ensure safe and fair elections this fall.

With less than 100 days until the 2020 elections, it’s now all hands on deck. Whether you’re joining us for the first time or you’re looking for ways to level up your work in protecting the right to vote this election season — you won’t want to miss this call! RSVP now >>

Thank you for all that you do,

DeSean William Jackson, CEO, DeSean Jackson Foundation

When We All Vote






DeSean Jackson Foundation Supports Black Doctors’ Covid-19 Consortium Testing in Philadelphia’s Marginalized Communities


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On May 25, 2020, DeSean Jackson, of the Philadelphia Eagles, and his charity, the DeSean Jackson Foundation, awarded a $5,000.00 NFL Foundation Players’ Social Justice Fund grant to the Black Doctors’ Covid-19 Consortium “BDCC”. BDCC is Philadelphia’s first mobile Covid testing site which was launched by Dr. Ala Stanford using her personal assets, a small grant from the CARES Act and a Go Fund Me Page. 

DeSean Jackson states that health professionals have rightly called racism a public health crisis and the Corona Virus pandemic has emerged as perhaps the most telling example of the impact disparities in healthcare in our nation’s history.  While more than 138,000 people in the United States have died from from COVID-19 roughly 18% of them are Black, though only 13% of Americans are Black.  Furthermore, in Philadelphia, Black people are disproportionately affected by the pandemic and have accounted for half of the 23,951 positive cases of COVID-19 and more than half of the 1,433 people who have died  from the virus as of June 10th, while the city’s Black residents make up about 44% of the population. Yet, the city has failed to focus on serving the crucial for testing in the Black community and many Black residents face barriers to accessing the city’s testing sites.  Therefore, DeSean Jackson deemed Dr. Ala Stanford’s Black Doctors’ Covid-19 Consortium a worthy recipient of the prestigious NFL Foundation Social Justice Players’ Fund grant for her social justice and humanitarian efforts.


APTOPIX Virus Outbreak Pennsylvania Daily Life

Dr. Ala Stanford administers a COVID-19 swab test on Wade Jeffries in the parking lot of Pinn Memorial Baptist Church in Philadelphia, Wednesday, April 22, 2020. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

To date, Stanford and her Black Doctors’ Covid-19 Consortium have tested more than 5,000 residents at 22 triage-mobile testing events in partnership with Philadelphia’s Black churches.  Roughly 96% of those tested are Black, Stanford said. “This whole enterprise came from a life of being Black in America and having to wait, of people telling you, “Be patient, don’t worry, help is coming.  “I was tired of waiting for someone to save us.”  Stanford said it costs roughly $25,000 a day to test between 250 and 300 people and with no vaccine available for COVID-19 in the foreseeable future it is imperative that the city provide funding to sustain BDCC because #BlackLivesMatter.

Gayle Jackson, President, DeSean Jackson Foundation has been advocating for additional support for BCDD.  Gayle states that Dr. Stanford’s business model consists of the free COVID-19 testing, outreach to marginalized communities; and, a concierge-after care and wrap around service.  This meets a critical gap in services because the vulnerable population BCDD serves needs assistance when a positive diagnosis is received; and, access to healthcare and resources for those afflicted, their loved ones and support for the caregivers.  Mrs. Jackson  immediately reached out to Julie Hirsey, Director of Community Affairs, Philadelphia Eagles, when Gayle learned that a bid BCDD had submitted to the City of Philadelphia for $6.9 million in funding for testing from the Center of Disease Control and Prevention to expands its operations and perform contact tracing was declined. [Philadelphia Eagles’ also have a Social Justice Fund.]

DeSean Jackson said the issue of the rejection of the Black Doctors’ Covid-19 Consortium bid raised his awareness and social consciousness to the City of Philadelphia’s longer-term failure to develop and cultivate an effective W/MBE system. [Women and Minority Business Enterprises].  For instance, in the 2019 fiscal year, business enterprises owned by people of color were only awarded 36% of the city’s contracts, amounting roughly $254 million, according to the city’s Office Economic Opportunity 2019 report.  He advocated behind the scenes for a reversal of the city’s decision.

Status To Date:

On, June 9, 2020, Jim Kenney, Philadelphia Mayor, Thomas Farley, Health Commissioner; and, members of the City of Philadelphia City Council announced the commitment to provide funding to the Black Doctors’ Covid-19 Consortium during a news conference at Enon Baptist Tabernacle Church where BDCC was providing free Corona Virus testing.  The $1.3 million city contract will last six months with the potential to continue the partnership.

On June 11, 2020, Dr. Stanford and the Black Doctors’ Covid-19 Consortium entered into a partnership with SEPTA, the 6th largest transportation system in the United States, to provide free COVID-19 testing at four transit stations, in Philadelphia.  The partnership comes at a critical moment for SEPTA.  The 9,500-strong workforce lost seven colleagues to the Corona Virus; and, nearly 300 employees have tested positive for the virus.  While 60% of those afflicted have returned to work and new safety measures are in place, the region is in the midst of a re-opening that will increase risk for SEPTA employees.

– Black Doctors’ Covid-19 Consortium performing on-site testing at SEPTA. 


For More Information About:

DeSean Jackson Foundation:  Joie Adams,  deseanjacksonfoundationceo@yahoo.com

National Football League Foundation:  Please visit – https://www.nflfoundation.org

Black Doctors’ Covid-19 Consortium:




DeSean Jackson Foundation Supports Youth Art & Self-Empowerment Project Covid-19 Relief Request


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Youth Art & Self-Empowerment Project Staff – Philadelphia, PA

On May 17, 2020, DeSean Jackson, of the Philadelphia Eagles, answered a plea from the Youth Art & Self-Empowerment Project (YASP) a grass-roots, community-based initiative, in Philadelphia, for financial support to address the impact COVID-19 has made on its daily operations; and, the critical social justice and criminal justice advocacy it provides.

Sarah Morris, of YASP, stated that Covid-19 and executive orders required the staff to work from home; and, the subsequent #BlackLivesMatter protests made it difficult to get to the office because of the peaceful protests and street closures.  YASP was seeking a mini-grant for general expenses to sustain operations until they could return to their office.

DeSean Jackson agreed to award YASP funds from the 2019 NFL Foundation Players’ Social Justice grant for $5,000.00 that the DeSean Jackson Foundation received; and, DeSean also offered to meet with YASP in the future to learn more about their advocacy and how he may assist in furtherance of their mission.  Ms. Morris advised that YASP returned to their office on June 22, 2020 and provided a picture of the DJF check.

Advocates for Social Justice & Criminal Justice Reform

Sarah Morris, Youth Art & Self-Empowerment Project

Youth Art & Self-Empowerment Project (YASP) Mission:  Building a youth-led movement to end the practice of adjudicating and incarcerating young people as Adults.  Through its work in the Philadelphia jails, YASP provides space for incarcerated youth to express themselves creatively and to develop as leaders within and beyond the prison walls.  Young people who have been through the adult court system are at the forefront of YASP, leading the movement to keep young people out of adult prisons and to create possibilities for youth around the city.

YASP was a 2019 recipient of the Philadelphia Eagles’ Social Justice Fund grant for $10,000.  The fund was established in 2018 to provide grants to organizations that work to reduce barriers to equal opportunity, with a specific focus on education, community and police relations, improving the criminal justice system and other initiatives targeting poverty, racial equality and workforce development in the Greater Philadelphia area.  In just two years, the Philadelphia Eagles’ Social Justice Fund has provided area-based organizations with more than $858,000 in unrestricted general operating support.

For More Information About:

Youth Art & Self-Empowerment Project: Contact  Sarah Morris, sarah@yasproject.com or visit website: http://www.yasproject.com

National Football Foundation:  Please visit website:  https://www.nflfoundation.org

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DeSean Jackson to Visit Auschwitz With Holocaust Survivor Edward Mosberg


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Philadelphia, PA – November 03: DeSean Jackson, #10, of the Philadelphia Eagles catches a pass prior to the game against the Chicago Bears, at Lincoln Financial Field on November 3, 2019 in Philadelphia, PA (Photo: Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

NFL star DeSean Jackson, who last week apologized for posting anti-Semitic quotes attributed to Adolf Hitler and Louis Farrakhan, accepted a Holocaust survivor’s invitation to visit Auschwitz together.

DeSean Jackson, a wide receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles, accepted the invitation Saturday during a Zoom conversation with Edward Mosberg, 94, from New Jersey.

Mosberg, who chairs From the Depths, a Holocaust commemoration group, proposed the call following an outcry over Jackson’s posts on social media. Jackson deleted the posts and apologized for them.

“I grew up in L.A., and never really spent time with anyone from the Jewish community and didn’t know much about their history,” Jackson said on the call with Mosberg. “This has been such a powerful experience for me to learn and educate myself.”

“Thank you Mr. Mosberg for your valuable time and insight today,” Jackson posted on Instagram after the call, along with a screenshot showing that Mosberg wore a concentration camp uniform on the call. “I’m taking this time to continue with educating myself and bridging the gap between different cultures, communities & religions. LOVE 2 ALL!!!!!”

On the possibility of visiting the former Nazi death camp in Poland, Jackson told Mosberg: “I would be honored to come to Auschwitz and learn from you,” according to From the Depths founder Jonny Daniels, who was on the call.

“Dialogue is the key to making this crazy world we live in a better place, with everything so divided is so powerful to bring us all together,” Daniels said. “We are working with DeSean Jackson and his team to set dates for this trip to go ahead and are happy that DeSean agreed.”

The visit has not yet been scheduled. While Auschwitz is open to visitors, Americans cannot currently travel to Europe because of the coronavirus pandemic. (Mosberg most recently visited in January for a ceremony marking the 75th anniversary of the camp’s liberation.)

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Repost by:  DeSean Jackson Foundation, 7/15/2020, deseanjacksonfoundationceo@yahoo.com




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DeSean William Jackson

July 7, 2020 (Post By:  DeSean Jackson Foundation, 7/15/2020)

PHILADELPHIA, PA  (July 15, 2020)

First and foremost, I want to apologize to the Jewish community, Roger Goodell, NFL Commissioner; Jeffrey Lurie, Philadelphia Eagles’ Owner, Howie Roseman, Philadelphia Eagles’ General Manager, Doug Pederson, Philadelphia Eagles’ Head Coach, the Eagles’ organization and fans; and, my esteemed Philadelphia Eagles‘ team members for the insensitive and ill-informed posts that I shared on my social media on July 5 and 6.

My intent and purpose were to uplift and unite the Black community by presenting a quote that exemplified how the Black race has persevered with resolve and fortitude, which has been doubted, and repressed for generations.  Unfortunately, I failed at conveying my point and unintentionally ostracized another oppressed community–the Jewish community–in the process.  Now more than ever, I realize that we must work together to eradicate discrimination and hatred of all types and against all races, ethnicity and cultures.

This apology is more than words — it is my promise and commitment to do better and be better.  I will educate myself and work with local and national organizations to be well-informed and engaged in dialogue that will advocate for positive social justice initiatives and social change.  I will seek out voices from other communities and listen to their words, thoughts and beliefs with empathy and compassion.  I will strive to use my platform to align myself with the mission and purpose of the National Football League’s Inspire Change Initiative which showcases how the players, owners and the league work together to create positive change in communities across America.

My sincere apology is also extended to the Philadelphia Eagles’ players for any disruptions and distractions that they may have experienced as a result of my actions; and, any negative social media they are receiving for supporting me.  I sincerely apologize.

  • DeSean William Jackson

# # # #

Contact:  Joie Adams, DeSean Jackson Foundation

E-Mail:  deseanjacksonfoundationceo@yahoo.com

Celebrating the Life of Ahquillez Afemata


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Afemata20Celebrating the Life of Ahquillez Afemata

Rest In Love, Prince Ahquillez Samurai Afemata

Post By:  DeSean Jackson Foundation, Los Angeles, CA

Photos & Media:  Exclusive Rights and Property of the Afemata Family

July 9, 2020

I extend my deepest sympathy to Peter and Sabrina Afemata in regards to the untimely death of their beloved son, Ahquillez Afemata.  Words cannot express the empathy and compassion that I feel for the amount of pain you are dealing with in regards to the loss of Ahquillez. It was a privilege to have Ahquillez on the Cali Bears, 10 U, tackle team; and, an honor to have been his coach. Ahquillez led a cherished, purposeful life and is truly loved.

I also extend my sincere thanks to Peter and Sabrina for embracing my vision of developing the most diverse youth football league in Los Angeles County where families and youth from Compton to Long Beach and their diverse cultures and ethnicity are embraced; and, given an equal opportunity participate, succeed and travel beyond the confines of their neighborhoods.

Last, I extend my sincere sympathy to Ahquillez’s Cali Bears’ team members and coaches. I am extremely proud of how you have supported the Afemata family & friends and remained united, “men of valor” and are committed to preserving Ahquillez’s memory despite the pain you are suffering for the loss of a beloved friend. I am proud to be your coach.

Rest in Love, Ahquillez

DeSean William Jackson, CEO/Founder, Cali Bears Youth Football & Cheer, Southern California King Conference, American Youth Football League


Amata Family 21



DeSean Jackson Partners With The DICK’S Sporting Goods Foundation To Donate $10,000 To Support Top Prospects Baseball, Inc.


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Philadelphia Eagles‘ Wide Receiver, DeSean Jackson

DeSean Jackson gives back to youth facility in Los Angeles where he learned to play baseball thanks to The DICK’S Foundation, Shock Doctor, McDavid, and Cutters

PITTSBURGH, PA /PRNewswire/ — The DICK’S Sporting Goods Foundation announced that it is awarding Top Prospects Baseball facility, in Los Angeles, a $10,000 Sports Matter grant in partnership with pro football player DeSean Jackson, an ambassador for United Sports Brands – parent company of Shock Doctor, McDavid, and Cutters.

The funds from the Sports Matter grant will be used to purchase new equipment and refurbish the organization’s fields where hundreds of inner-city youth athletes continue to learn to play baseball. A Los Angeles native, Jackson learned to play baseball with Top Prospects and is one of the most accomplished athletes in Southern California prep sports history.

“It’s really special for me to be able to give back to my hometown and help give kids the opportunity to play sports,” said Jackson. “I played a lot of different sports growing up, but most people don’t know that I almost played pro baseball. So much of what I do in football comes from what I learned in baseball, and that all started at Top Prospects.”

Jackson is the latest pro athlete to give back to his community via The DICK’S Foundation Sports Matter program, which has pledged to provide access to sports for one million young athletes by 2024.

“We’re thrilled to partner with DeSean Jackson and United Sports Brands to provide this Sports Matters grant to Top Prospects Baseball to help more kids have the opportunity to play,” said Aimee Watters, Executive Director of The DICK’S Sporting Goods Foundation. “Sports Matter was created because we believe playing sports make people better and we are committed to supporting all youth athletes in need, and this is just one way we are doing that.”

“We are honored to make this donation with DeSean Jackson and The DICK’S Sporting Goods Foundation,” said Michael Magerman, President/CEO of United Sports Brands. “I’ve watched DeSean as a star on the football field for years, and to see him do this with an eye for the future of sports and young people in his community tells me a lot about who he is.”

Since 2014, DICK’S and the DICK’S Foundation have pledged more than $100 million to support youth sports teams and leagues in need. The Sports Matter program strives to increase awareness for the growing issue of underfunded youth athletics nationwide and provide much-needed support through equipment, uniform and monetary donations.

For more information on Sports Matter, visit SportsMatter.org.

About The DICK’S Sporting Goods Foundation
The DICK’S Sporting Goods Foundation is an exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation with a mission to inspire and enable sports participation.  It was created by DICK’S Sporting Goods, Inc. as a private corporate foundation to support DICK’S charitable and philanthropic activities.

Contact DICK’S Sporting Goods: press@dcsg.com

About United Sports Brands

United Sports Brands is a global leader in sports performance and protective products designed to help athletes perform at their personal best. Brands within the portfolio include Shock Doctor, the #1 global leader in mouth guards and protection; McDavid, a performance and protective brand at the top of the recommended lists of pro athletes, sports medicine professionals and athletic trainers for more than 35 years; Cutters, the innovative leader in football gloves and high performance glove grip technology; and NATHAN, the running essentials market leader in athletic hydration, visibility and performance gear. United Sports Brands is also a portfolio company of Bregal Partners, a private equity investment firm. For more information, please visit www.Unitedspb.com.

Contact United Sports Brands: emiller@unitedspb.com

Contact DeSean Jackson:  deseanjacksonfoundationceo@yahoo.com

SOURCE DICK’S Sporting Goods

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DeSean Jackson: Why He Does, What He Does!

Letter of Appreciation

Thanks to DeSean Jackson and Team Jackson!

My kids had a great time at the 2019 Inaugural DeSean Jackson Foundation F.A.S.T. Camp, in Long Beach, CA.  I mean my 7- year old caught a pass from an NFL Pro Bowler and the greatest deep threat in the history of the game!  I probably had the better time though.

I remember Desean helping me renovate property I owned,in Long Beach, when he was only 13 years old.  Then, to see him out there, at the F.A.S.T. Camp, being such an incredible host to these kids of all ages and ethnicity, working them hard while having a good time at the same time and really enjoying himself–It was AMAZING!

Then, the  camp instructors/coaches were not only providing excellent feedback and advice, they were all so engaging and having fun at the same time.  There was no wasted time – literally every kid got to be within inches of Desean Jackson, and it was AWESOME and competitive.  I just never anticipated such a well-orchestrated event especially when there are both kids and adolescents involved.

Furthermore, at the start DeSean Jackson told the kids that the only things he asks is that once they cross those lines onto the field, they give 110%; and, they DID!

Earlier in the day, I had showed my kids the Instagram that DeSean posted which read “They laugh at me because I am different. I laugh at them because they are all the same”. Things like that coming from a guy like DeSean really helps guide these kids in their journey to being solid young men.

The DeSean Jackson Foundation F.A.S.T. Camps are impressive, well-coordinated and organized.  DeSean is working his butt off making the rounds to various cities across the nation; and, having a great time.  He sets the mood for hard work and fun; and, at the same time giving the kids something tangible and substantive that impacts their lives.  Lastly, for this to be free of charge to all these kids was remarkable.

– Larry Guesno, Jr., Long Beach, CA

For More Information about scheduling a DeSean Jackson F.A.S.T. Camp, in your area, please contact:  Coach Gary Cablayan, garycablayan@yahoo.com


Philadelphia Eagles’ DeSean Jackson Donates $30,000 To California Youth Football Team


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desean-3 (1)Photo Credit: NFL

DeSean Jackson, of the Philadelphia Eagles, donated $30,000 to the Cali Bears Youth Football and Cheerleaders, an American Youth Football League (“AYF”), Southern King Conference, team, based in Los Angeles, in response to an appeal from the team to Mr. Jackson, for crucial funding to save the organization’s 2019 season. The Cali Bears Youth Football Team serves over 150 disadvantaged, inner-city youth, in South Central Los Angeles; and, was founded in 2018. Crucial funds were needed for uniforms, equipment, referee and venue fees; and, without these funds the entire season was in jeopardy.

Gayle Jackson, President, of DeSean Jackson Foundation, on behalf of DeSean Jackson and his foundation, presented the check to Leila Sedighan of the Southern California King Conference, Cali Bears Youth Football Team.

Cali Bears Check Presentation

As the DeSean Jackson Foundation’s president, Gayle Jackson emphasizes the importance of the foundation’s mission and goals. “The foundation was established in honor of DeSean’s father, William ‘Bill’ Jackson, who sacrificed his life to put his son in a position to do what he’s doing today,” Mrs. Jackson said.

Bill dedicated his life to building a structured foundation and deterrent against negative influences for DeSean by utilizing sports in his formative years. [Frequently, Bill had DeSean play for several teams simultaneously which required changing uniforms in the car between games.]

“DeSean gives back because my son believes, in his heart, that the reason he’s blessed is to be a blessing; and, DeSean also believes he is responsible for preserving Bill’s vision and instilled values to never forget where you came from and those left behind; and, sometimes that works to his detriment; but, he is indeed his father’s son.”

“That’s what the DeSean Jackson Foundation is about: Mentoring, empowering and building confidence in these young kids,” Gayle Jackson said. “To me, that can change a person’s life; and, that’s is what DeSean Jackson, the Philadelphia Eagles’ All-Pro wide receiver, has continued to do throughout his 12 years in the NFL.”

# # # # # #


American Youth Football, Inc., established in 1996, is a support services organization, dedicated to giving back to communities by promoting the wholesome development of youth through their association with exemplary adult leaders in the sport of American football and cheer. Guidelines are established to ensure that players play in an atmosphere of learning with a competitive balance between teams. Contact: Dee Graver, National Football Commissioner (602) 283-6006. https://www.americanyouthfootball.com/index.html

Southern California King Conference: Wilson Mays, Southern California King Conference, Commissioner (310) 251-3080.
For More About Southern California King Conference: https://www.sckingconference.com/home

Compton boys football program adds nutritional training table

DJACC New Image

2019 Philadelphia Eagles’ Opener: Jackson Family Photos


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Post By: Joie Adams, DeSean Jackson Foundation
Photo Credits: Gayle Jackson

Philadelphia, PA, 9/13/2019

Philadelphia Eagles began their 2019 NFL season, at home, against the Washington Redskins, September 8, in a NFC East match up; and, a phenomenal homecoming for DeSean Jackson back to the Philadelphia Eagles and Lincoln Financial Field.


GAME DAY 10 The Jackson Family – Pre-Game – On the Field

DeSean Jackson‘s immediate family and a host of friends and fans traveled to Philadelphia to support DeSean during this monumental milestone in his personal and professional career in the NFL.

GAME DAY 5 Kayla, DeSean and Their Children

GAME DAY 7 Gayle Jackson and Eagles’ Mascot

GAME DAY2 Adreea (Jacksoon) Clay and her sons, Kameron and Jaiden (DeSean’s Sister and Nephews)

During the game, the Philadelphia Eagles came back to beat the Washington Redskins, 32-27, behind a classic “D-JAX, Cali Swag” performance: eight catches for 154 yards and two touchdowns.
With 31 career touchdown receptions of 50 yards or more, Jackson trails only Jerry Rice (36) for the all-time record. After his second score—for 53 yards—Jackson somersaulted twice, then found his teammates and shimmied in front of cameras.

Game DAY 4

GAME DAY 3 The Jackson Family Grandchildren


Friends Family Friends: Ron White, Hattie Davis, Sheila Washington

# # # #