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DeSean 3DeSean Jackson, Philadelphia Eagles, W.R.

After supporting, William “Bill” Jackson, in his courageous battle against Pancreatic Cancer, DeSean Jackson and his mother, Gayle,  founded The DeSean Jackson Foundation to honor Bill’s legacy; and, raise awareness to this dreadful disease for which there is no cure.  Over 42,000 people died from Pancreatic Cancer last year.  The 5-year survival rate for Pancreatic Cancer is between 2%-5%; and, many of those diagnosed are in the late stages of the disease and their life expectancy is a matter of days.  Therefore, Pancreatic Cancer Awareness and funds for research are critical in the battle to eradicate this dreadful disease; and, The DeSean Jackson Foundation continues to focus primarily on using DeSean’s platform, as a NFL All Pro wide receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles, to raise Pancreatic Cancer Awareness, the need for crucial funding for research; and, disparities in healthcare impacting minority and other underrepresented communities.

Other DeSean Jackson Foundation: Programs and Services

  • Youth Initiatives – Development, Empowerment & Enrichment
  • Anti-Bully Campaign
  • Targeting Youth Obesity
  • Community Initiatives – Engagement, Health Fairs,  Service, Outreach
  • F.A.S.T. Camps – Free Footwork, Agility, Speed Camps for Youth
  • Shop With a Jock – Holiday Giving – Partnership with Wal-Mart
  • Social Justice-Community/Police Relations
  • Literacy Initiatives – Read Across America, School Library Donations, National Reading Month and School Presentations
  • Philanthropy
One Team, One Purpose!

One Team, One Purpose!

The DeSean Jackson Foundation is a 501(c)(3), non-profit, public charity.  Your donations are tax deductible.

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For More Information About the foundation:


Donations by Mail

The DeSean Jackson Foundation, Attention: Gayle Jackson, 12670 Seacoast Place, Playa Vista, CA  90292


For Secured, On-Line Transactions:


DeSean Jackson Foundat10n Charitable Donation

DeSean Jackson Foundat10n Charitable Donation 1) Take 10 minutes to learn about DeSean's Advocacy/Support for Pancreatic Cancer Awareness, Social Justice and Vulnerable Families and Children; 2) Tell Ten (10) People About DeSean Jackson Foundat10n; 3) Donate $10.00 or More to Foundat10n.


6 thoughts on “Please Donate to DeSean Jackson Foundat10n”

  1. Thank you very much. Your donation will be greatly appreciated and will help raise awareness to Pancreatic Cancer.

    Much Love to you from The Jackson family.

    Gayle Jackson
    The DeSean Jackson Foundation


  2. #RedskinsTweetTeam has a Tailgate on 11/16 with another large Group “Home for the Holidays” @Diesel50gut at FedEx-getting the word out to bring a canned good and $10 for Foundation. :0


  3. Matthew Christmas said:

    Hello Ms. Jackson

    I honestly do appreciate this foundation to raise money and awareness for pancreatic cancer. My mother passed away from this type of cancer when I was 14. It is a vicious form of cancer. My mother did through the grace of God manage to live longer than what the doctor had given her. She fought the cancer because she said she wanted to at least witness my older brother and sister graduate from high school. Sure enough she made it to both of their graduations and passed away shortly after. That was a testiment to her strength and her faith. I just wanted to share my story with you and again thank you and the Jackson family for the role you’ve taken in fighting this cancer.


    • God bless you Matthew for sharing your story. Only those who have been afflicted with this dreadful disease and their loved ones know the pain and suffering and collateral damage that is left behind after our loved one has passed. I have empathy and compassion for you, Matthew, and wish that I could comfort you; but, I am helpless and devastated by the fact that there is no cure for Pancreatic Cancer, over 42,000 die each year from this dreadful disease; and, the month of November is the only time that national attention is focused on this ‘silent killer’. Today, I found strength and comfort in your words. I was tired, exhausted from advocating for funds to raise awareness; and, accepting the fact our efforts were not successful this year due to the fact that we have to re-brand in a new market. Your compelling story, however, ‘restoreth my soul’ and I have found the strength and passion through your mother’s story to continue this fight. May God bless you Matthew as you have blessed me tonight. – Gayle Jackson


  4. Matthew Christmas said:

    You are so very welcome Ms. Jackson. I am glad that my mother’s story was able to give you an extra push to continue this mission. You definitely have my support. I will continue to spread the word and encourage people to make donations. God bless you and your family in all that you do in your fight against this cancer.


  5. said:

    Bill’s birthday coming up in a couple weeks . Boy he sure is missed ! May the good Lord bless you for the work u guys are doing


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