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Contact: Mailing Address for The DeSean Jackson Foundation: 

The DeSean Jackson Foundation, DeSean Jackson, 12670 Seacoast Place, Playa Vista, CA 90292

Contact:  For Guest Appearances and Media Inquires:

 Mrs. Gayle Jackson, President, Gayle Jackson Enterprises LLC., Los Angeles, CA  Email: 


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Gayle, DeSean, Bubbies Daughter

A’Dreea, Gayle and DeSean Jackson

6 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. Chris Marlowe
    13560 Seeley Ave
    Blythe, CA 92225
    To DeSean Jackson Foundation
    Dear Sirs,
    My name is Chris Marlowe and I’m a big fan of DeSean Jackson. He is a good receiver for the Eagles. I like to watch him play. He is a big hero of mine with all he has done in his career. Sir I would like to ask for your help. I’m very sick with Nerve Damage. I have Addisons Disease and AMN. This is a very rare illness with no cure. I’m 100# Disabled. I have a mutated gene which makes it hard to move. I go to many doctors and I take meication every day for my illness. Being Disabled and a big fan of DeSean Jackson I would like to ask you for an autographed photo of DeSean Jackson. This would really mean a lot to me with all I’m going through with my illness. I have written him fan mail too. Being Disabled and a big football fan my doctor told me it would be a good hobby to write my favorite athletes because I can’t do much else with my illness. Thank you for your time and I hope you can please help me with my request of an autographed photo of DeSean Jackson in my time of stress. God Bless you and good luck this year.
    Chris Marlowe


  2. Thank you very much. DeSean Jackson


  3. Theresa Stewart said:

    My 18 year old grandson thinks DeSean is Mr Wonderful. My grandson grew up in the antelope valley but came to live with us in Lomita to attend college. One day he drove to Polytechnic High School so he could walk where DeSean walked. He has a display shelf in his room as a tribute to DeSean -a man of character and honor. I would like my grandson to meet DeSean Jackson in person if possible. Are there venues in California where he greets fans? I would be willing to contribute to the foundation if that made this possible. Please let me know and I will have Kyle there to meet the fella that inspires him so. Thank you.


  4. Nicholas Harris said:

    Desean Jackson my name is Nicholas Harris (Nick) you are my role model I know nearly everything about you. I”ve watched you every since you played for cal In your college years & when you were drafted to the the eagles as the #49 overall pick I knew dreams were true I wanted to tell you that I need you right now My parents are getting a divorce They weren’t showing up to my football games & I just need your motivation determine & drive to help me I am In a time of danger I believe you can help me make a difference Write back If you need to get In contact With me my number Is 336-599-0409 336-592-5962 Please come help make a difference In my life P.S Good game against the cowboys YOU ALL WILL BE THE SUPERBOWL CHAMPS OF 2013


  5. Monica Martinez said:

    Hello, Ms. Jackson. I’m writing to you DeSean’s mother because I’m a mother, too, who wants the best for her child.

    The article I read in today’s Washington Post (4/17/2014) touched my heart. What I got from this article more than anything else is that DeSean’s older brother and you really love him and that both of you want only the best for him. I pray that he continues to listen to his family and continues to remember the sacrifices his father made, so he could grow up to live out his dreams and be a success in life.

    There was a lot in this article that showed me a native Washingtonian that the Redskins made a smart decision (signing a talented, focused, tough player), especially with the loving, supportive family your son has. As a middle school teacher, I try to motivate my students every day to believe in themselves and to work hard. Natural talent is wonderful but without drive, it takes you nowhere. Your son seems to have both. Thank you for helping to bring him to Washington. Our gain is the Eagles’ loss. More than this, thanks for being a phenomenal mother.

    God bless your family and you.—-Monica Martinez


  6. Jeffrey Jenkins Jr. said:

    Hi Desean
    my name is Jeffrey Jenkins Jrand I am 10 years old. I am a big fan of yours since you were playing with the EAGLES. I watch all your games. I don’t have the money to come to see you play but if you ever come to Charleston, South Carolina please look me up your #1 FAN for life!

    Jeffrey Jenkins Jr


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