Health Fairs & Community Days

DeSean Jackson Foundation – Health and Wellness Initiative

In 2010, DeSean Jackson, of the Philadelphia Eagles, established the DeSean Jackson Foundation, Health and Wellness Initiative.  The initiative focuses on several primary programs with overarching themes that stress the importance of education, healthy lifestyles, character development, personal responsibility, physical fitness, and, providing health pre-screening for Pancreatic Cancer and other diseases that impact the lives of underserved individuals, families and children in Philadelphia, PA and Los Angeles, CA.


 The initiative was launched in Philadelphia through a partnership with Triumph Bapstist Church, in North Philadelphia, under the leadership of Senior Pastor, Dr. James S. Hill, Jr.  The inaugural event served several thousand low-income families and children through 70 health and human services agencies that provided in-kind services.  A community block party was also part of the event that provided games, entertainment, food, face painting and celebrity autograph sessions.  The primary focus of the event, however, was Jackson’s 10/10/10 Campaign for Pancreatic Cancer Awareness and early detection.


Our Mission:  To strengthen communities by empowering families to live healthy, safe, productive lives; and, increase the outcomes for success for their children.


Our Vision:  To harness the power of sports philanthropy to empower communities by building strong corporate-community partnerships of caring people who are  committed towards serving others.


“It’s important to me, my family and the foundation to encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to stay healthy and learn about Pancreatic Cancer. This event helps do all these things and brings the community together. If we work together we can live better, longer and help find an end to Pancreatic Cancer”.  -DeSean Jackson, CEO, The DeSean Jackson Foundation.




The Community Day Event also included an Anti-Bullying Campaign that empowered youth to “Stand Up Against Bullying” in their schools, on their playgrounds and Cyberbullying.













YouthCamp16 YouthCamp5



2 thoughts on “Health Fairs & Community Days”

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  2. WE here in Redskins Nation are fortunate to have a committed, focused, educated respectful,. informed and talented addition to the Washington Redskins and to our community. DeSean, every area of this website has warmed my heart, and inspired ideas to enhance awareness. My daughter is a Public Health Medical Research professional embarking upon her service in the Peace Corps, and I am a former teacher who taught in under served areas in Ranson, WV. Power of 1.Every person can positively contribute to Pancreatic Cancer awareness. 10/10/10 is the least 1 can do. I look forward to completing the article for, and am most appreciative that your Mom-Gayle, took a chance in the forum of Twitter to accept my interest in writing about this cause. I will reach out to my friends in the local media, and will contact any venue you want to host events in this community as you all did in Philadelphia, and surrounding areas. The gift of discernment combined with the Platform you hold will create a fertilized garden for your seed to grow. 20yrs in Hospitality and events has garnered me a few friends and contacts. I look forward to attending the events already set up to cover and enhance awareness. Labors of love are not labor. May the seed you have planted grow strong in the DMV garden.


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