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Post by: Joie Adams, DeSean Jackson Foundation, 7/29/2021

Prior to reporting to the 2021 Los Angeles Rams’ training camp, NFL All-Pro, wide receiver, and Long Beach Poly alum, DeSean Jackson, stopped by Poly Tech to commend Coach Stephen Barbee for 28 years of impacting the lives of his Poly teams; and, to surprise the football team with cleats and a shopping spree to Champs.

Desean states that he most definitely had to check on the Poly Jackrabbits before he reported to the LA Rams’ training camp for this his 14th year, in the NFL. He often “rolled up” on the Jackrabbits unannounced over the years to inspire, motivate and the Jackrabbits. It is important for them to know he has a vested interest in their team and individual successes. “I made it out and I want them to make it out”, he says.

Several starters of the Poly Jackrabbits lost fathers, mothers, grandparents or friends before the season started; all of their lives were disrupted financially, academically and psychologically due to the Corona-Virus and, many of their families are unfamiliar or confused about the impact the California, Fair Play to Pay Act, will have on eradicating generational poverty, developing economic parity and strengthening families.

“Knowledge is Power”, states DeSean, ” I had Bill and Gayle Jackson educating themselves on the system, protecting me and helping me. I want to instill the importance and value of education as a tool for them to be the architects of their own destiny. I want them to maximize their potential to control and be successful in all aspects of their lives”.

Therefore, it was imperative for DeSean to “pop up” on the Poly Jackrabbits before he reported to LA Rams’ training camp.

DeSean Jackson, of the LA Rams, donates cleats to his alma mater, Long Beach Poly Tech, Jack Rabbits’ football team.
DeSean Jackson, of the LA Rams, surprised the Long Beach Poly Tech football team prior to reporting to LA Rams’ camp.
DeSean Jackson, of the LA Rams, took the Long Beach Poly Tech football team on a shopping spree to Champs.


Media and Photo Credits:

Permission granted by ABC7/KABC,, “In the Community”, Laurie A. Bossi

Stephen S. Barbee, Head Coach, Long Beach, Poly Tech

Gayle Jackson, President, DeSean Jackson Foundation