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Afemata20Celebrating the Life of Ahquillez Afemata

Rest In Love, Prince Ahquillez Samurai Afemata

Post By:  DeSean Jackson Foundation, Los Angeles, CA

Photos & Media:  Exclusive Rights and Property of the Afemata Family

July 9, 2020

I extend my deepest sympathy to Peter and Sabrina Afemata in regards to the untimely death of their beloved son, Ahquillez Afemata.  Words cannot express the empathy and compassion that I feel for the amount of pain you are dealing with in regards to the loss of Ahquillez. It was a privilege to have Ahquillez on the Cali Bears, 10 U, tackle team; and, an honor to have been his coach. Ahquillez led a cherished, purposeful life and is truly loved.

I also extend my sincere thanks to Peter and Sabrina for embracing my vision of developing the most diverse youth football league in Los Angeles County where families and youth from Compton to Long Beach and their diverse cultures and ethnicity are embraced; and, given an equal opportunity participate, succeed and travel beyond the confines of their neighborhoods.

Last, I extend my sincere sympathy to Ahquillez’s Cali Bears’ team members and coaches. I am extremely proud of how you have supported the Afemata family & friends and remained united, “men of valor” and are committed to preserving Ahquillez’s memory despite the pain you are suffering for the loss of a beloved friend. I am proud to be your coach.

Rest in Love, Ahquillez

DeSean William Jackson, CEO/Founder, Cali Bears Youth Football & Cheer, Southern California King Conference, American Youth Football League


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