Letter of Appreciation

Thanks to DeSean Jackson and Team Jackson!

My kids had a great time at the 2019 Inaugural DeSean Jackson Foundation F.A.S.T. Camp, in Long Beach, CA.  I mean my 7- year old caught a pass from an NFL Pro Bowler and the greatest deep threat in the history of the game!  I probably had the better time though.

I remember Desean helping me renovate property I owned,in Long Beach, when he was only 13 years old.  Then, to see him out there, at the F.A.S.T. Camp, being such an incredible host to these kids of all ages and ethnicity, working them hard while having a good time at the same time and really enjoying himself–It was AMAZING!

Then, the  camp instructors/coaches were not only providing excellent feedback and advice, they were all so engaging and having fun at the same time.  There was no wasted time – literally every kid got to be within inches of Desean Jackson, and it was AWESOME and competitive.  I just never anticipated such a well-orchestrated event especially when there are both kids and adolescents involved.

Furthermore, at the start DeSean Jackson told the kids that the only things he asks is that once they cross those lines onto the field, they give 110%; and, they DID!

Earlier in the day, I had showed my kids the Instagram that DeSean posted which read “They laugh at me because I am different. I laugh at them because they are all the same”. Things like that coming from a guy like DeSean really helps guide these kids in their journey to being solid young men.

The DeSean Jackson Foundation F.A.S.T. Camps are impressive, well-coordinated and organized.  DeSean is working his butt off making the rounds to various cities across the nation; and, having a great time.  He sets the mood for hard work and fun; and, at the same time giving the kids something tangible and substantive that impacts their lives.  Lastly, for this to be free of charge to all these kids was remarkable.

– Larry Guesno, Jr., Long Beach, CA

For More Information about scheduling a DeSean Jackson F.A.S.T. Camp, in your area, please contact:  Coach Gary Cablayan, garycablayan@yahoo.com