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Repost: By The DeSean Jackson Foundation, 8/12/2018


We’re close enough to the 2018 NFL season that we can start talking about records that could be broken in the normal course of the Bucs’ season ahead.

DeSean Jackson has a chance to break one of Jerry Rice’s career NFL records. No, not the 197 career touchdown catches, not the 1,549 career catches, not the 22,895 career receiving yards — to be clear, nobody in history is within 40 touchdowns or 220 catches or 6,000 yards of those marks. Pretty amazing.

The record in jeopardy? Most total touchdowns of at least 60 yards in a career. Jackson has 22; Rice has the record at 23, so with just two deep balls in 2018, Jackson has a cool (if obscure) place in the history books. Want to stump a friend? Ask who the next three on the list are. Maybe you get Devin Hester (21), but probably not Bobby Mitchell (20 from 1958-68) or Lance Alworth (19 from 1962-72).

Jackson didn’t have any plays of 60-plus yards last season, just the second time in his nine NFL seasons that he went a full year without one, along with 2011.

Jackson’s 60-yard touchdowns come from all over — 14 with the Eagles, eight with the Redskins; 17 on receptions, one on a rush and four on returns. He had six (!) in 2009.

You can find video of most of the 22 here on the NFL’s site.

Since 1994 (as far as pro-football-reference.com goes back for this), Jackson has the most 60-yard touchdown receptions with 17, more than Randy Moss (16), Terrell Owens (13) and Steve Smith (12). The only NFL player with 10-plus 60-yard TD runs in that span is Adrian Peterson, with 13.

How embarrassingly close was Jackson to another 60-yard score? In 2011, he had a 61-yard touchdown catch that was reviewed and determined to be a 60-yard catch and fumble at the 1-yard line as he tossed the ball a split-second too early in celebration. The Eagles punched it in on the next play.

The Bucs last year also charted Jackson’s all-time ranking in total touchdowns of 50-plus yards. He has 26, and one more will tie him with Owens for third at 27; only Moss (29) and Rice (36) have more than that. So anyway, you have something obscure to root for in 2018. We’ll have more traditional records (that don’t involve Rice) that could fall as the season nears …