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AGS Middle SchoolJill Smigielski, a teacher at AGS Middle School, in Fenton, MI, and her students are taking an opportunity during the first ever, World Day for Pancreatic Cancer Awareness, to petition the National Football League once again to consider giving equal consideration to Pancreatic Cancer Awareness as it does for other issues such as Breast Cancer Awareness, Youth Obesity, Domestic Violence to name a few.

Pancreatic Cancer Awareness

AGS has tried for several years to reach the NFL to arrange a meeting with the students; and, challenged then, Philadelphia Eagle, DeSean Jackson to join in their advocacy campaign.  Jackson and his mother have assisted the students in raising their collective voices through DeSean’s status in the NFL.  Jackson states, “I did not promise them it could be done but instead committed both my Mom and myself to teach them how it should be done.”  AGS and The DeSean Jackson Foundation launched its first internal “Purple Out” in 2013 and is scheduled to partner with Fenton High School, Fenton, MI, on November 19, for their Second Annual Purple Out.


The students’ argument for a “Purple Out” in the NFL is premised upon their research that Pancreatic Cancer is prevalent in the NFL; and, the NFL has the ability to help find a cure for Pancreatic Cancer as it has addressed other issues that resulted in radical or systematic change.  There is no cure for Pancreatic Cancer and it receives less funding than other cancers yet ranks 4 th in the list of the most deadliest, dreadful diseases.  The research presented to DeSean Jackson, and his Mom, by AGS thus far follows:

George Halas died in 1983 and used to own the Chicago Bears

NFL Agents:
Gary Wichard died in 2011
Ken Staninger died in 2013
Walt Sweeney, played for the Chargers died in 2013
Randy Jackson played for Buffalo, 49ers and Eagles died in 2010
TJ Turner played for Patriots, died in 2014
Johnny Bailey played for Bears, Cardinals and Rams died 2010
Gene Upshaw played for Raiders and was union president, died 2008
John Gordy played for Detroit, died 2009
Dave Pureifory, played for Packers, Bengals and Lions, died in 2009
Ricky Sandoval, head of security for Lions died in 2009

Jill Smigielski and her students ask that you join them in this the first ever, World Day for Pancreatic Cancer, in petitioning the National Football League for a month of Purple for Pancreatic Cancer Awareness.

Contact:  Jill Smigielski, AGS Middle School, 3255 Donaldson Drive, Fenton, MI 48430 (810) 591-7700, jsmigiel@fenton.k12.mi.us

Contact: Gayle Jackson, The DeSean Jackson Foundation, @GeeJackson10, deseanjacksonfoundationceo@yahoo.com