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By:  The DeSean Jackson Foundation

Gayle in Office

On Thursday, November 13, 2014, organizations and individuals around the world will mark the first ever World Pancreatic Cancer Day.

Pancreatic Cancer has one of the lowest survical rates of any cancer, a little known fact and something that has barely changed in more than 40 years.  World Pancreatic Cancer Day will help to bring about a much needed change in awareness levels about this dreadful disease and the need for urgent change.


World Day–an exciting initiative–is being lead by an international group of patient organizations, including Pancreatic Cancer Action and The DeSean Jackson Foundation, who are committed to tacking the fight against Pancreatic Cancer by raising awareness of the disease and most important, the poor overall survival rates.

The launch of World Pancreatic Cancer Day is being marked with a number of exciting developments, including a dedicated website and social media campaign that links and engages Pancreatic Cancer organizations, individuals and advocates around the world.

In its first year, World Day is being sponsored by Celgene, a multi-national biopharmaceutical company committed to improving the lives of patients worldwide.

My son, DeSean, our foundation and fans around the world join you in memorable occasion.  We ask that you visit our foundation website, http://www.deseanjacksonfoundation.org, to learn more about our efforts and take DeSean’s 10/10/10 Challenge: 1) Take 10 Minutes to Learn About Pancreatic Cancer;  2) Tell 10 People About Pancreatic Cancer and how The DeSean Foundation is raising awareness and advocating; 3) Donate $10.00 to The DeSean Jackson Foundation.

Gayle Jackson, President, The DeSean Jackson Foundation