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Article by Dawn Seagraves

DeSean Jackson Foundation

Posted on January 12, 2013 at 12:50 am
{Reprinted by The DeSean Jackson Foundation, 1/12/2013]

Today was a very uplifting day for my family. I organized an event where my husband works—Penn Power Group. Every Christmas, the corporate area pitches in to buy their boss CFO Phil Fields a Christmas gift. This year, at the top of his wish list, was for everyone to chip in and make a donation to pancreatic cancer awareness. So I chose The DeSean Jackson Foundation.

And the reason being is that it is a very personalized organization. So I got into contact with DeSean who then in turn passed the info along to his mom Gayle Jackson who personally contacted me. I explained what Tom’s company wanted to do and asked if there was a way to set it up for DeSean to actually come and pick up the donation.

After many phone conversations with Gayle, we were able to set it up for Jan. 11. I was also able to get into contact with 6 ABC news who was interested in doing the story. It all came together perfectly.

And it felt like I had known DeSean Jackson forever. We both have a determination to bring more awareness of this horrible cancer. DeSean is a very well-grounded young man which shows he had a great upbringing by both his father and mother. As well as his brother Jay who was there with him and their cousin.

I believe together DeSean and I will start to bring more awareness around. It truly was an uplifting experience I believe for our whole family.

– Dawn Seagraves


Note: Dawn Seagraves’ husband was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer five (5) months ago; and, she works tirelessly to raising the awareness to the need for funds for research and financial support and compassion for those afflicted by the disease and their primary caregivers.