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On behalf of my family, The DeSean Jackson Foundation; and, my fans, I extend our sincere condolences to the families, friends and fans of Jovan Belcher, Kasandra Perkins, and the Kansas Chiefs.  We are deeply saddened by this tragic incident and the three month old daughter, Zoey, who lost both her parents today.  – DeSean Jackson, CEO, the DeSean Jackson Foundation.

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Chiefs Jovan Belcher Kills Himself And Girlfriend Kasandra Perkins; New Details

by  Glenn Erby | Posted on Saturday, December 1st, 2012
[Reprinted with permission by The DeSean Jackson Foundation, 12/1/2012, 12:35 P.M.]

As we reported earlier Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher killed his girlfriend this morning, before driving to the teams facility and shooting himself in the head.

Jay Glazer broke the news this morning when he tweeted out that there had been a shooting at the Chiefs practice facility.

From there we were able to confirm via KCTV5 in Kansas City, that a Chiefs player had reportedly killed his girlfriend Kasandra Perkins in a home around 8 a.m. and then drove to the teams practice facility where he reportedly pulled the gun on himself, where he took his own life.

At that point, the football world and social media had been rocked on its heals.

Media scattered to locate the name of those involved.

News eventually surfaced that the player involved was Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher.

Belcher was a four-year veteran, and had started 44 games since 2009.

Reports have also surfaced that Belcher was confronted by team personnel to not to harm himself, before he took his own life.

Belcher and Perkins had their first child together about a month ago.

Reports are that the NFL has instructed the Chiefs opponent for Sunday, the Carolina Panthers to proceed with their travels.

Truly sad day for everyone involved.