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 NFC Championship: Philadelphia Eagles v Arizona Cardinals

DeSean Jackson, of the NFL, Philadelphia Eagles, Giving Back

DeSean Jackson Gets Semi-Heckled in the Most Awesome Way While Doing a Very Good Deed

Nov 21, 2012 11:15am

By Nick Menta, (email) The700Level.com

 Each year, DeSean Jackson makes a point to find a family in need and provide them with Thanksgiving dinner.
Although, by the looks of that shopping cart, that food is going to last Jackson’s newest family well-beyond Thanksgiving.
This year, Jackson took a grandmother and her two grandchildren on the trip. The children’s mother was murdered three years ago according to CSN’s Neil Hartman, who alongside Ron Burke tells the story above.
Beyond the fact that it’s a great story and reveals a very likable side to DeSean, the constant Q&A with the kids is hilarious.
::”DeSean!” ::”What?” ::”Do you have any kids?” ::”…….Nah, I ain’t got no kids, man. Not yet.”
::”DeSean Jackson!” ::”What’s up? ::”What happened last week?” ::”We lost.”

Or, as Jackson says at the end of the video, “This is all for y’all.” Good on ya, DeSean Jackson.

[Reprinted by The DeSean Jackson Foundation, on November 21, 2012, 5;30 p.m.]