DeSean Jackson and his BFF, Nadin

[Not the best picture of DeSean but this one appeared in the AIM original article]

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Leila Steinberg, Founder and CEO, of Alternative Intervention Model (AIM, Inc.), a non-profit based in Long Beach, CA, is pleased to announce that NFL Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson has partnered with her organization and will head AIM’s Anti-Bullying and Anti-Violence Campaign.  The AIM business model transforms lives of at-risk youth through the arts.  Ms. Steinberg, a former mentor to Tupac Shakur, incorporates Tupac’s creativity, intellectual property, vision and life lessons as a core concept for addressing social unrest, teen violence;  and, violence in our communities.  Mr. Jackson is states that he is privileged and honored to partner with Ms. Steinberg and empower others while preserving the legacy of Tupac in impoverished communities with the same criteria that Tupac’s core concepts are taught in major ivy league universities throughout the nation.  Furthermore, Jackson states that his association with Ms. Steinberg and AIM Inc. has helped him identify his own shortcomings in regards to sensitivity, diversity and tolerance; and, given him the requisite knowledge and tools to advocate for social change and make a difference in the lives of our youth and communities.

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Ms. Steinberg and DeSean Jackson have also taken their campaign into the Department of Corrections in an effort to learn and listen to the inmate population to deter incidents of violence and increase the outcomes for success for the high-risk population that AIM serves.

You can learn more about Ms. Steinberg’s programs and services at:

Mr. Jackson reminds us that October is the month that we observe Anti-Bullying Prevention; but, Anti-Bullying and Anti-Violence, should be practiced 365 days a year in your homes, schools and the playgrounds; and, on the Internet.  We must preach and practice embracing our diversity, sensitivity, tolerance and mutual respect for others.