Eagles players Appear on ‘The View’ to Fight Bullying

Posted by Gayle Saunders on February 3, 2011 ·

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Nadin Khoury, a 13-year-old boy from Upper Darby, PA , was bullied by seven classmates known as the “wolfpack” The young teens videotaped a bullying incident and uploaded it to YouTube. What is most impressive is the courage that was shown by Nadin as he attempts to get his message across to those who are bullying out there.

Nadin was invitied to appear on ABC’s “The View” today to speak on the topic of bullying.  The well spoken young man got his message across on live television.  Nadin who is from the Philadelphia area, is also a huge Eagles fan, The View surpised the young teen with a visit from  DeSean Jackson, his favorite NFL Player, and Jamal Jackson, and Todd Herremans, of the Eagles also.

Desean Jackson gave the teen the No. 10 jersey off of his back, and Todd and Desean let Nadin and his family know they would get to go to a game of their choice next season.

Hats off to Desean Jackson, Todd Herremans and Jamal Jackson for their kind gesture to uplift Nadin and his family.